PML-N stands divided in sector 4

Many PMLN Azad Kashmir party members wish to stand up for elections from district 4. Was workers convention just a ruse to showoff their support and selection for the post?

PMLN in Khari Shareef is not in accord with each other. It seems as if the workers convention was just a ploy for members of PMLN to showcase their power. These leaders in lieu of their support came to Mirpur. The biggest procession was of Rukhsar Ahmed followed by that of Raja Noueed Akhtar. Javed Kadir and Ch Abdul Aziz too brought their own rallies to Mirpur. All these individuals wish to stand from district 4.

PMLN appears to be unsure as to whom they shall select to stand up from district 4. Raja Farooq Haider was seen to meet each and every one of the hopeful candidates privately and yet has made no comment as to whom will be the lucky candidate. While this issue has is yet to resolve the candidates continue shower money upon their campaign hoping to influence both party leaders and locals to choose them.