PM Majeed changes face- PPP at the blunt end of his criticisms

PM AK shared his political view making PMLN to be at the receiving end of criticism.

PM Azad Kashmir Chaudhry Abdul Majeed said that serving people and working for their rights, alleviate their pain is what politics is truly about. We are paintbrushes that people use to paint on canvas. For the past 4.5 years PPP has done nothing except approved mega projects in AK that have yet to be started. And unfortunately its not just PPP. All previous governments did not fulfill their promises.

We are fighting for the rights of the common man. In AK LOC including other distant villages we provided latest health facilities. The many works done by the government include:
• Construction of Azad Kashmir University of Health Sciences
• The natives of AK given special health packages
• The workers of Health services are given special health allowances.
• First Medical Association built by government of Azad Kashmir.

He specially praised the head of Medical Association Wajid Ali and said that all of the above reforms could not have been possible without the collaboration of MA.

The addressed was attended by Director General of Health Services Dr Sardar Mehmood Ahmed, Paramedical Association senior member Dr Shocket Hayat and Paramedical district Muffazrabad head Riyaz and many members of Doctors Committee. The gentlemen greeted the PM with much zeal and zest.

PM took this opportunity to remind people that AK is an integral part of Pakistan and will always remain so. In the occupied Kashmir our fellow Kashmiris suffer under the rule of Indian Army and yet those brave souls raise the flag of Pakistan in defiance. We are generation of the martyred and will not let their sacrifice be in vain.

The moment we came into power we started up projects and set up offices. We made sure that employment was based on merit. And the AK base camp was turned into a real base camp for the refugees. We shall not forsake the Kashmir issue until our last breath. We have showed dedication to our people by working for their betterment unlike previous leaders who were merely guarding their seats.