PM and his subordinates pay no heed to Rarra Islamgarh

PM Azad Kashmir has completely disregarded Rarra and its community in Islamgarh. The people who are supposed to oversee the development in Rarra have not lifted a single finger to do anything and are just there for show.

A Bridge was to be built that would connect Rarra Jageer and bazaar of Rarra some supporter are creating hurdles in its construction. Yet no such structure has been built. Chaudhry Naveed Hussain, Amir Bashir, Baba Muhmmad Alam, Haroon Rasheed, Waqar Younas, Adnan Saddique and many others expressed these sentiments while talking to journalist. According to them if soon no action is taken, PM stands to lose his support and people will be forced to elect another representative from Rarra town.

Even today the people of Rarra are denied basic facilities like water. Our women have to travel far and wide and carry water pots on top of their heads. That is the only way to get water.

If such deplorable conditions continue PM will lose his supporters and choose another representative.