Please complain to Amazon selling Door Mats with Islamic text written on them

Please complain to Amazon for selling these door mats with Islamic text written on them! Please click on link and complain in the review sections of the items, complain to Amazon and Let’s even boycott Amazon until these are removed insha’Allah. This is absolutely unacceptable.

Please also forward to others. Let’s get a few hundred thousand complains to them about this! ?Share this post? as well to your friends.

Amazon has swiftly removed a ‘Doormat And Dog Mat’ with the word Allah written on it. Once highlighted on social media by a number of users the product was removed.

If we all Muslims give them feedback about other products related to the seller may also be removed from the website.

A member of Amazon’s support staff told that other products are under investigation and said that Amazon intends to remove the other items from their website ‘as soon as possible’.

Amazon was highly commended earlier in the month for producing one of the most innovative festive adverts ever. In it a Muslim man a Christian exchange gifts.

Please do share for the Sake of our Religion.

Click on each items listed in the link and provide your feedback.