Pir Hafiz Zubair of Mirpur fraudulently sent a Woman To Thailand instead of England

Pir Hafiz Zubair Uddin Tabassum son of Qibla Hazrat Pir Saien Rukun Ud Din, Sector F-1 Mirpur scammed his female follower named Rizwana Kausar, 36, daughter of Muhammad Latif, resident of Nagyaal village of Bani, District Mirpur.

Pir Hafiz Zubair and his visa fraud victim Rizwana Kausar

Pir Hafiz Zubair and his visa fraud victim Rizwana Kausar

The woman Rizwana Kausar who is the follower of Pir Saien Rukun Din, F1 Mirpur, and use to perform duties at darbar. She is divorced mother of 3 daughters and relies on the money given by her brother and sisters and people around her to live her life.

At Darbar she met Pir Hafiz Zubair and asked him to help her in getting her life better as she has only daughters. Pir Hafiz Zubair said to her that he can send her to England if she wish to, as he has his followers in England who can sponsor her for work visa.

Rizwana Kausar agreed and 500,000 Rupees were done between them, and 300,000 Rupees were to be paid by woman in beginning of the case while remaining 200,000 Rs was to be paid after visa is issued.

Rizwana Kausar manged to get pay him amount by selling animals at her house and by selling jewelry, but Student visa was applied for her, upon which she said she is uneducated woman, but Pir Sahib said, not to worry, they will manage every thing as long as she pays money.

But her student visa was rejected, later some more money was demanded from her to apply for work visa, poor woman gave them money and ended up with Thailand Visit Visa issued on 12 Jan 2015, in 350000 Rs.

Poor woman who as not educated and never visited any country, she thought she is going to England and she was taken to airport but she landed in Thailand, it was then she came to knew about the real story.

Woman tried to contact Pakistani people there, who advised her to back as she cant survive here. When she came back and tried to contact Pir Zubair she was threaten by him via his followers Hawaldar and Pehwalan.

But she reported the case in police, and a person named Usman Shah of Mangla promised her to get her money back, after case was reported in police, 2 Lack Rupees check was issued by Pir Zubair to Usman Shah and woman was advised to collect money from her, but Usman Shah also refused to pay her money and threaten her.

Woman has requested, SSP Mirpur, FIA, National Accounts Bureau, to provide her justice.