Pir Alaudin Siddiqui’s Sons and Brothers Clashed for Successor of Nerian Sharif Darbar

Pir Alaudin Siddiqui’s Darbar Nerian Sharif is visited by Thousands upon thousands of people on daily basis, seeking spiritual satisfaction and strength in imaan. Nerian Sharif is the resting place for Pir Mohammad Alauddin Siddiqui and his father Khwaja Ghulam Mohiuddin Ghaznavi and his uncle, Khwaja Mohammad Durrab Khan.

Pir Alaudin Siddiqui's Darbar Nerian Sharif, Tararkhal, Azad Kashmir

Pir Alaudin Siddiqui’s Darbar Nerian Sharif, Tararkhal, Azad Kashmir

After the death of Khwaja Ghulam Mohiuddin Ghaznavi, Pir Alaudin Siddiqui was named as successor of Nerian Sharif Darbar. Pir Alaudin Siddiqui named his sons and son in law as successor after his death.

On last Friday Prayer there was a conflict between Brothers and Sons of Pir Alaudin Siddiqui for “Sajjada Nasheen” Successor of Nerian Sharif when both parties wanted Imamat of Friday Prayer.

As per Brothers of Pir Alaudin Siddiqui they have been ignored by Pir Sahib after bypassing them and naming his son and son in laws as Sajjada Nasheen.

Due to tense situation at Darbar, Deputy Commissioner and SP of Sudhnoti District arrived at Darbar with police forced to tackle any tense situation.

Both parties were asked to sit down and and talk to settle down the case, it was decided that a 3rd person will do Imammat of Friday Prayer instead of both parties.

Donations Boxes were sealed and it was decided that no one will use “Gaddi” of Pir Sahib until the case is settle down. If both groups could not resolve their issues then Nerian Sharif Dabar might be handed over to Department of Okaaf.

News Source: Printed and Published on Local Print Media in Azad Kashmir