PIA offloads passengers over bomb hoax from Peshawar-bound plane

Passengers of a Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight were offloaded on Monday following a bomb threat at the main airport in Sindh capital city.

The flight PK-305 was going from Karachi to Peshawar when information about presence of bomb in the plane was received.

The pilot received the bomb threat just after had taken off from Karachi.

Upon receiving the bomb information, the pilot landed the plane at a little distance from the Peshawar Airport runway. The pilot then informed the control tower about the bomb threat.

The passengers were offloaded there.

The security forces took the airplane in its custody and searched for the bomb.

However, the bomb threat turned out to be fake and the plane was cleared by the Bomb Disposal Squad.

The spokesperson of PIA said, before steering for an emergency landing, the flight’s captain apprised the control tower of the situation and then landed the plane at Peshawar airport.

The bomb disposal squad (BDS) searched the entire plane which was parked away from the runway, while the passengers were offloaded safely following its emergency landing, he added.

The security officials and the BDS later declared the plane “cleared” and rubbishing the rumours of a bomb on the flight PK-350.