Pervaiz Rasheed address Convention at Kotli

PML-N is on a spree. Convention after convention being held in different districts of AK. Large number of people show up at each rally. PML-N might just might win in elections 2016!

Federal Minister Pervaiz Rasheed while addressing the Convention at Kotli said that PML-N first Workers Convention was held in Bhimber on 11 January 2016. The second and even bigger Convention was held in Mirpur on 13 January 2016. Both these rallies had a head count bigger than any jalsa previously held in AK.

There is no doubt as to which political party locals align themselves with. Even in the previous election campaign, the rallies and jalsas led us to believe that indeed we are people’s choice. But the results stated otherwise. We choose the highway and did not start questioning election commission even through the number of votes counted were very less than the number of people living in respective areas.

Nawaz Sharif has more than once saved Majeed’s government. He told us to give Majeed a chance to rule and so we withdrew our objection on Assembly floor. But today surveying streets of AK, our decision to not voice our dissatisfaction my not have been the best decision in the interest of the community. When we enter the streets we hear chants of “Welcome! Welcome!” and “Goodbye PPP! Goodbye!”

He concluded his address by saying that visionary Nawaz Sharif is what AK needs. He is without doubt very capable of ensuring all issues in AK will be solved. Mejeed’s governance time is almost up. Putting camp outside Parliamentary House will not change that fact.

In the prequel to elections 2016 all parties are working very actively to show them as beings superior to the other. Im sure PPP will insist on saying that they are the best thing that happened to AK just like PTI will say the same.