Patient Mirza Tanveer died on the way to Doctor for Check up

Jatlan (13th September2014- Bureau Report) Mirza Tanveer, resident of Gorian Jatlan, died on the way to doctor for Check up. The news of his death spread like wild fire in the whole area.

Mirza Tanveer was a pious, humble and faithful human being. Hundreds of people attended his last prayers and he was buried in his native village.

According to details, Mirz Tnveer was ill from a kidney disease from a few months and was driving from Gorian Jatlan to Mirpur for his appointment with doctor, when he was hit by a sudden wave of dizziness and lost control on his car. His car collided with a tree on the road side and he was hit hard in the head.

He was immediately taken to Mirpur Hospital where the doctors immediately referred him to Islamabad but due to extreme loss of blood, he died. The whole area was saddened by the news of his death and hundreds of people gathered at his home even before his body has reached back.

People from all walks of life attended his funeral and he was laid to rest in his native village.