Palaak Garan has become an island, adding to the difficulties of the people

Chakswari (9th September2014) Due to continuous increase in water levels Palaak Garan has become an island. People are entrapped in their homes. No Electricity or clean water available and people are facing extreme difficulties.

The Commissioner Works Mangla Dam is giving simple excuses and condolence to people and the orders of PM Azad Kashmir were also paid no heed upon. The public are demanding immediate delivery of their relief package.
According to details, that due to continuous rise in water Palaak Garan has taken the shape of an island. The Palaak Dyke constructed by spending millions of rupees worked only for a few homes whereas the way for majority closed down. People are entrapped in their homes and due to lack of Electricity and clean drinking water people are facing extreme difficulties.

The Opposition Political Leaders have visited Palaak Garan and have demanded immediate solution for the problems of these affected.

A delegation of the representatives of Palaak Garan met PM Azad Kashmir Ch Abdul Majeed and demanded awarding immediate relief to the people of Palaak Garan and allotment of plots.

Ch Abdul Majeed gave orders for immediate solution of problems of Palaak Garan, but Mangla Dam Works and WAPDA paid no heed to those orders. Commissioner Ch Mohammad Tayyab visited Palaak Garan twice in one month and assured the residents that the promises will be seen through but took no practical steps to see to it.

The people of Palaak Garan are in extreme difficulty and are demanding immediate solution to their problems and not to wait till they drown in Mangla Dam and immediately fulfill their demands.