Pakistani Taxi Driver Attacked by a Gang of Youths in an Alleged Race Attack in Worcester

Sajid Bhatti, 33, got attached by a Gang of Youths on New Year Eve while he was parked in the taxi rank outside the station. Around 10 youths appeared and started beating him.

His brother in law named Salim Khan and other taxi driver who tried to end the beating, they were also assaulted in the by the gang and all suffered facial injuries.

He got fractured skull, an eye haemorrhage and a broken nose, in in an Alleged Race Attack. After the incident he was taken to Worcestershire Royal Hospital.

Sajid Bhatti has been living in Worcester from last 7 years with 3 children and wife, he tried to protect his Cab which is just bought to feed his family.

Sajid Bhatti is so frightened after racist attack that he do not want to show his face, and partially cover his face for our photograph while talking to media.

Police arrested 3 youth, aged 16 to 18, on suspicion of racially attack and assault, who are on bail until February 1.

What a truly shocking incident – my thoughts are with Mr Bhatti, and I hope he makes a full recovery.

As a society we need to make a stand against the mindless actions of a minority of people – especially if it is shown that race or religion were contributing factors in why this man was attacked.

Racism should never, ever be tolerated. We all have a responsibility to get that message across – perhaps we need to shout louder?

Original News Source: Worcester News