Pakistani Student won case Against a Visa Officer in Britain

Pakistani Student wins visa case in British court.

A Britain court was hearing a visa case, and said that any extra and irrelevant questions that are not to be ask from any student.

The court decided that only question that are important should be asked, and rest of them should be discarded.

Manchester High Court’s judge Mac Klaski heard, student Adnan Mushtaq’s barrister Amjad Malik when he told the court that his clients results and documents were all filed correctly, and even then his visa was rejected.

Upon investigation it was uncovered that the visa officer declined his visa without any basis, and there is nothing in home office laws that will back him up.

This is a case of discrimination, said the judge after listening to both parties.

The judge added that pupil that come from developing nations deserve the same treatment, everyone else gets, and everyone should be treated equally.