Pakistani man stabbed his wife to death in heat of argument in Sharja

The Pakistani man lived with his wife and their 6 years old son, in an apartment they shared with another family in Sharjah. The couple argued over marital problems in January this year, in the heat of arguments husband stabbed his wife to death.

The family who shared the flat with them in Abu Shugara heard screaming and shouting of victim woman. When they opened their room door and found the wife on the floor, in pool of blood.

The husband tried to fled from scene but was held down until police arrived. The woman was pronounced dead when the ambulance crew arrived.

Husband admitted stabbing his wife in court, saying “Yes, I stabbed her in Neck and in chest with knife.”

Victim woman’s asked that charges against him be dropped. The Sister of Victim woman, whose husband stabbed her to death, asked we want to drop the case against him.

The sentence wavier documents would be submitted by Victims father in next hearing, afterwards husband will be set free.

In Islamic Law, victims family can forgive the murderer and he/she is set free from jail after some official paper work.