Pakistani Girls Reaction when Husbands Visa Rejected

Couple after their marriage

Couple after their marriage

Huma Mobin and Arsalan Sever got married seven months ago and obviously, wanted to travel together on their honeymoon. But the curse of the green passport wouldn’t let it be with Sever’s coming back with a big ‘Rejected’ stamp.

Huma, a creative manager at an ad agency in Lahore, Pakistan, shared her hilarious holiday snaps on her Facebook page where the absence of her husband, Arsalan Sever, was more than noted.

Couple, married earlier this year. They were planning to go to Greece for their honeymoon, but the Greek border agency had other ideas. Arsalaan was refused a visa, but only after the trip had already been paid for. So Huma went without him – but with her new in-laws, Arsalaan’s parents.

After her husband’s visa was rejected, newly married Huma Mobin decided to venture to Greece on their honeymoon alone.

Huma posted photos with gestures demonstrating her husband’s missing place in the pictures.Like any couple, Huma Mobin and her husband Arsalan Sever Butt were set to travel to Greece together. According to Images, a news website in Karachi, the Butts had planned a second honeymoon to the European country (they went to the Maldives for their first honeymoon), Mr Butt’s visa application was rejected. Struck by a Greek tragedy quite like no other, Huma Mobin eventually decided to holiday without her husband, accompanied by her in-laws.

To prove just how much she missed her husband on their honeymoon, Huma Mobin posed for photographs looking utterly depressed, with her arm outstretched as if around her very-absent husband.

The photos were taken by Arsalaan’s parents – Huma says she has a good relationship with her mother-in-law. So good, in fact, that the two would go out and hit the bars of Santorini at night.

In the meantime, Huma’s photos have gone viral. She’s now back with Arsalaan in Lahore, and hoping they’ll be able to go away together for their first anniversary.