Pakistani British drug dealer sentenced to jail!

Austin Birmingham resident Amir Rasheed son of Raja Rasheed has been convicted in drug smuggling case.

British Pakistani Amir is originally from Mirpur Azad Kashmir, He was arrested for smuggling Heroin in cookers used to make rice. On 5 June 2014 Amir was caught red handed in procession of cooker having heroin worth 500,000 pounds. A cooker having 3.1 kg heroin was also found near Black field road stop which too was proved to be a work of Amir.

In Birmingham Crown court the ongoing court case was put to rest as Amir was sentenced to 7 years in prison using all the evidence collected against him..

We are deeply mortified by this incident. People who engage in illegal activities aboard set a bad image of the whole country. Pakistan is already has a precarious image in the international forum due to ongoing terrorist attacks. Such crimes do nothing to rebuild the image of Pakistan internationally.