Pakistan and Islam are amazing, Says, American world’s fastest Female Traveler

Cassandra de Pecol,27, the American woman, who aims to set a world record by visiting 196 countries in 17 months, until now she has traveled the 192 countries of the world. She travels the world, meet people of different ethnicities, learn different cultures and take on adventures.

She is on 10 days visit to Pakistan, she has visited Karachi and ahead will visit Lahore and Islamabad Capital of Pakistan. While on her visit to Pakistan she told Pakistani media about her views towards Pakistan:

Pakistan has been the country I like the most and the one I feared the most to visit, everyone in the US has negative ideas about Pakistan and fears to visit the country but things are very different. People are overwhelming and loving, I had a great experience here.

She plants National Tree in each country she visits, beside she collects water samples from lakes, rivers and seas from each country.

She liked Pakistani food, spicy curry, people and the place. Due to her short visit she is not able to visit Northern areas and plans to come back in June to visit the natural sites of Pakistan.

What I Like About Pakistan Is The Religion. I Love Islam And I Like Muslims. Religion Has Impacted Pakistani Society In A Very Positive Way

For meeting the expenses of travelling she accepts sponsors from the tourism related businesses. Her visit to Pakistan was sponsored by Asiatic Public Relations.

News Source: Outlook Pakistan