Owner of “1Stop Halal” famous as “Chicken King” fined £8,000 for supplying Haram Chicken

Owner of “1Stop Halal” famous as “Chicken King” fined £8,000 for supplying Haram Chicken

They equipment at 1Stop Halal in Eye, Suffolk stopped working due to fault, resulting a total of 81 birds plunged into scalding water in separate incidents for 4 months.

The plant uses an electrically charged water pool to stun some chickens before slaughtering. The water pool for some reasons/faults, stopped working which meant workers had to slaughter chicken’s neck whilst the birds were still awake.

An argument then broke out between 2 men who were working as slaughtering chicken, over the quality of cutting as some birds passed them without being killed. This led to 64 chickens suffering agonising deaths by being plunged into boiling water for two minutes.

1Stop Halal, is firm which supplies chicken to major supermarkets had admitted causing unnecessary suffering to 81 chickens.

The firm also failed to cut the chickens’ throats before they entered a scalding tank used to loosen feathers on dead birds. It meant that the birds spent two minutes in very hot water and suffered an agonising death.

Company boss named Ranjit Singh Boparan who is a multimillionaire businessman and also famous as ‘Chicken King’, has been fined £8,000 and ordered to pay £6,000 costs.

Original News Source (News Edited): Daily Mail