Overseas Kashmiri’s requested Army Chief to take some actions for the betterment of Azad Kashmir

Mirpur: A large number of overseas Kashmiri’s requested Army Chief, Gen. Raheel Shareef, in his trip to Britain to take some actions for the betterment of Azad Kashmir. While addressing him in a dinner program of Pakistan High Commission London, they asked him to evaluate the accountable leaders of Azad Kashmir.

Jinnah High Scheme needs to be allotted and applied in the present government. Mangla Dam upraising project should be completed along with the establishment of Medical institutes and to take control over crimes in Azad Kashmir.
They told Gen. Raheel Shareef that many crook politicians have corrupted a lot of money and he should look into this matter. Hundreds of overseas Pakistanis welcomed him and attended many of the programs in which he was involved there.