Ordinary man subject to persecution by fellow community members in Chitterpari

4 peopled cornered Asif in street and then proceeded to beat him up. Police has arrested 3 of the 4 individuals while one has escaped capture.

Chitterpari resident Asif son of Zafar Iqbal was stopped in street by Kamaran Basharat, Basharat Hussain, Naheed and Muhammad Basarat and made object of their oppression. They beat him up until he was black and blue all over. Police after having been reported of this incident, caught three culprits while Naheed managed escape from their clutches. Search for Naheed continues. So far no reason explanation has been made to media as to why Asif was brutally beaten up. Some says they gang stopped Asif to pass by their street.

It seems as if crime has seeped into our bones and everyone is bent on contributing his share to the society. These local thugs are deterrent to peace and order in society. I shudder to think that children too run and play in the same streets where a grown man was subjected to violence. How is a mother to ensure the safety of her children? What has happened to the peaceful, safe town of Chitterpari?