One man injured in Aerial Firing on a wedding in Dadyal

It is becoming very common in Dadyal to open fire in air on Mehndi Nights and Wedding nights. People become frightened and limit themselves into their houses. People cannot walk in their Streets or even in their Courtyards because they fear of stray bullets.

People found Bullets from roof tops or from Courtyards in morning after aerial firing in weddings. Many times residents complain in police station but police is ignoring their complaints. People told that police is enjoys firing on weddings and join young boys on such events.

Last day a Hotel employee, who was walking on road, get injured by a stray bullet which hit his shoulder. After operation bullet is remove from his body. Some days ago Electricity Line was cut off from pole due to Aerial firing. Luckily no residents hurt in this incident.

Local residents told media that police is ignoring these cases while police is aware of everything. They demanded authorities to take action to avoid major loss in future.