Omar Mateen killed 50 people in Gay Nightclub in Florida USA

Omar Mateen who killed 50 people in Florida USA

Omar Mateen who killed 50 people in Florida USA

29 years old Omar Mateen an American Born gunned down 50 people in Orlando, Florida whiling shooting in Night Club. Its America’s deadliest mass shooting and the nation’s worst terror attack since 911.

Sunday morning Omar Mateen resident of Port St Lucie, Florida, who was armed with an assault-type rifle, a handgun and some type of other device, took hostages the Night Club which had more than 300 people inside at 2 a.m. Friday and started shooting, which killed 50 people and many injured are in critical condition, they were transferred to nearby hospitals.

Omar Mateen also died in a shootout with the police force at the Pulse nightclub. The gunshots went on for so long that the shooting “could have lasted a whole song,” one witness told.

President Obama says shooting at gay nightclub in Florida was “an act of terror and an act of hate” at least 53 injured in the incident.

Omar Mateen’s father, Mir Seddique, said his son got angry when he saw two men kissing in Miami a couple of months ago and that may be related to the shooting.

NBC reports that the gunman, Omar Mateen, rang 911 shortly before the killings started.

He then pledged allegiance to “the leader of Isis,” said NBC, citing law enforcement sources.