Nosheen Raja Murder Case Solved

M Yasin who killed Nosheen Raja

M Yasin who killed Nosheen Raja

Nosheen Raja who was murdered on 14 April 2014 in Mirpur, her murder case is solved by Mirpur Police. Police arrest a target Killer named Yaseen s/o Fatah Ali from Samahni Bhimber.

Early morning Yaseen killed Nosheen Raja with his pistol and then hide pistol in near by bushes. Target Killer Yaseen told police a woman who belongs to Bhimber and lives in United Kingdom hire him to kill Nosheen Raja.

Payment of 4 Lack Rupees was given to him to kill her. Murder Plan was setup by a man who lives in Dubai.

Police has recovered pistol used to murder Nosheen Raja and has started inquiry of case.