Noor Hussain bursts on the so-called Revolutionary Leaders

Visionary Worker Noor Hussain, loses temper on Fake Revolutionary Coordinator

Mirpur, PPP’s active leader Noor Hussain Inqalabi says that the people criticising Ch Mohammad Ashraf should not forget their limits, we know the reality of Fake Revolutionary Coordinator, who have been involved in looting the money of poor people of New City in the name of jobs and they should not force us to expose them in front of people. We know how to remind people that they have exceeded their limits.

Ch Mohammad Ashraf is our leader and we would not tolerate any foul language against him. These views were expressed by Noor Hussain in an interview. Those who call them revolutionary are actually overly dramatic and they should know that jealousy and hatred will get them nothing. PM Azad Kashmir Ch Abul Majeed should immediately take notice of such abusers and terminate their party membership, as such black sheep is a source of defamation of whole party.