Non-appointment of DG in MDA leads to Zero progress of Allotment Committee

Mirpur (28th August2014, Bureau Report). The problems of the Citizens of Mirpur are increasing due to non-appointment of the Director General of Mirpur. Non-appointment has created problems due to lack of signing authority, forcing evacuees and Mirpur Public likewise. No progress could be made in the Meeting of Allotment Committee on Plots, Map approval, for initiating progressing schemes and for releasing plots and all other issues were affected.

The Social and Political sectors of Mirpur have demanded from the PM Azad Kashmir Ch Abdul Majeed to immediately appoint a government officer for the post od DG MDA so that the problems of the affected can be reduced. It is to be remembered, that a few days earlier there was a slight misunderstanding between Minister MDA Mohammad Hussain Sargala and DG MDA Raja Tariq Khan, after which he was demoted OSD. However after demotion of Former DG to OSD, no new DG has been appointed till now.