No Entry for Prime Minister Ch Majeed in Islamgarh

Protest in Islamgarh

Protest in Islamgarh

Resident of Islamgarh gathered at Shaheed Chowk Islamgarh and protested against Load Shedding. Protestors chant Slogans against Ch Majeed and WAPDA.

Hundreds of people gathered and blocked Kotli Mirpur Road for 2 hours. Protestors threaten to block road for PM Ch Majeed.

Ex Candidate for AJK Assembly Ch Nazir Inqalabi addressed people and said Ch Majeed is treating with people of his own constituency like step mother. Day by day problems of this constituency are increasing. He said we will not let PM AJK to let down people of Islamgarh and treat them like step mother.

Nazir Inqalabi said we are here for a peaceful protest, if government used Police Force to stop us than we will stop entry of Ch Majeed in Islamgarh.

Ex-Candidate for AJK Assembly Saieen Zulfikar addressed demonstration and said Ch Majeed is not a person to be trusted. For three months Mangla Dam Affected people keet crying for help, but this man did not visited his constituency that 3 months. Ch Majeed was supposed to raise voice for people of his own constituency but he did not. He said we will not tolerate with unannounced Load Shedding of Light. If WAPDA did not stop load shedding or announced a schedule for it, they we will continue protesting against WAPDA and AJK Government.

Haji Muhammad Younis President of Traders Union said after demolishing Encroachments in Islamgarh, no work has done, and still demolished material is lying on road side spreading dust and diseases. Sewerage system is not built on road side. Water pipelines are broken. Shop owners have no business due to light load shedding and Government is not paying any attention on these issues.

On this occasion, Ex Administrator Lala Tassaduq, PMLN Leader Raja Muhammad Bostan, Ch Mehmood Ex District Councilor, Ch Talib Hussain President PMLN LA2, Haji Muhammad Zaheer Abbas and Ch Rukhsaar Ahmed addressed people. They said today people of Islamgarh showed their power and told AJK Government that they are united and they can fight for their Rights.

They demanded to stop unscheduled load shedding in Islamgarh. They said Prime Minister Ch Majeed who promised a 500 Bed Hospital and University in Islamgarh has left people helpless and has never fulfilled his promises. We demand to Exclude Mirpur District from Light Load shedding because people of Mirpur sacrificed 2 times for Mangla Dam.

People threaten PM Ch Majeed to solve their problems or else he will not be allowed to enter in Islamgarh.

People blocked Kotli-Mirpur Road for two hours and after successful Negotiation with Assistant Commissioner Ch Amjid protesters Dispersed and opened road for public.