Nisar Meggy Khan, a Snitch who Grassed on Yasser Yaqub leading to his Shooting

Again another post keeps flooding on social media, reatled to Nisar Khan, also known as King Meggy Khan, a police pre-interview declaration sheet of some kind, relating to a guy called Zulfikar aka Ghosty, who was arrested following a complaint (or as the commonly used term goes “got snitched on”) by Nisar Khan aka Meggy

The reason people are on the guys case is because they’re trying to show that he’s a snitch and also he’s the same snitch who grassed on Yasser Yaqub leading to his shooting, and they’re trying to prove a pattern of behaviour (snitching) on this guy.

Everyone knows the story about Saffron lot, and what led to them getting locked up. Did we see a more tragic outcome this time of somebody snitching?

We’ll let you decide for yourselves.

Well in my eyes it looks like it’s the police that are grassers!!! The photo yesterday with officers and now a police statement #strange

Here is the story published about Meggy Khan, before

Hi Just something you should know, the police informer who gave information to police relating to the shooting of the lad on the motorway was no other than Bradford’s Biggest Grass. King Meggy himself. Apparently he robbed them Huddersfield lads out the large umber of drugs and told them if they want there money to come to Bradford and see him. And when he got in touch with the superintendent that he always gives information to tand told him that they were coming to kill him and his family and hence the reason so many police stopped the lad and opened fire without hesitation. continue reading…