Newlywed Couple’s Big Day Ruined by Bungling Wedding Photographer in Midlands, UK

Bride Sana (Name Changed), and husband Tariq (Name Changed), were distraught when they received their incomplete Raw Video Film DVD and incomplete with Missing snaps Wedding Photo Album.

The couple had paid Emmad ud Din owner of CMM (Creative Motion Media) £3000.00 and their Co-Company Khush Studio to cover their Mehndi, Barat and Wallima functions in 2015.

Jamruhl Owner Khush Studio (L) and Emmad ud Din Owner CMM

Jamruhl Owner Khush Studio (L) and Emmad ud Din Owner CMM

£1000.00 was paid before the wedding and signing the contract to personal account of Emmad ud Din and £1000.00 right after the 3 events were completed and company promised to deliver them Wedding Film and Photographs after 3 months duration. But after 3 months went by, couple kept calling Emmad Ud Din of Creative Motion Media but Emmad Ud Din demanded £1000.00 from couple in order to edit the movie.

The couple who was left with no option but to pay them money in order to get their wedding memories. Couple spend 8 hours in their studio to help them in editing the movie. When couple asked “why is it that we need to help edit the movie ” but got reply every couple do it themselves. After helping them in editing movie, Emmad ud Din promised couple to get the Movie and Photographs in next 24h hours.

3 weeks passed and couple still did not any Wedding Movie and Photographs or call from CMM (Creative Motion Media) or Khush Studio. Once the couple got in touch, they got reply, “We have Business Issues and with another company and needed more time.”

Months later in last month of 2016 couple received a call from person named Jamruhl owner Khush Studio, saying, he has taken over Creative Motion Media and he will complete their movie as soon as possible. He accepted how badly they were treated by Emmad ud Din and that he will get their work done on priority.

Jamruhl Owner Khush Studio

Jamruhl Owner Khush Studio

But again they faces delays and finally in start of 2017 couple arranged a day to meet the new owner Jamruhl in studio to make final amendments in movie editing. Just day before they were going to meet in studio, poor couple received a call from girl named Nura claiming she is the new Director of Creative Motion Media and Khush Studio and told them Jamruhl and Emmad have no link to these companies any more and that their Raw footage is in her studio, if they want to collect it as it is then they can or else she will delete it, claiming, “I’m not obliged to complete your movie if you want your footage fine if not I will delete it”.

And next day couple received copies of incomplete movie with images on the DVD cover which were not picked by them. Couple was blocked by new owner afterwards.

This is how the couple ended up with Raw Footage and missing photographs in £3000.00 by scammer owners of Creative Motion Media Khush Studio.

Scam victims have reported the case to police, about their Big Day Memories Scam by the Photographers and Video Graphers for the stress, time and money they ruin.