New City Mirpur roads slides and electricity poles come crashing down!

Geologist prediction comes true! The site where New City is built, was predicted by geologist to be unstable and moving. Electricity poles in New City society fall down proving geologist right.

Many roads run through New City. However these were built using second grade material and poorly as result of which areas where road has been filled with charcoal, electricity poles atop it came crashing down and damage road.

Upon further study we find that not all roads had been fully constructed. The construction company left mid-way project and hoodwinked Department of Construction and Development Mangla. The department claims no responsibility for this. Due to Monsoon season the roads were further damaged. The residents of New City are very much troubled and have lost faith in the responsible departments undertaking responsibilities to restore roads of New City.

Geologist had already declared the appointed site unsuitable for residence but the Government of Azad Kashmir of the time which included District Mirpur prominent political figure, relocated people from Mangla Dam site, paid no heed to this. For their own political gain they put the residents of New City in grave danger. Such self-willed behavior must be condemned.