Neelam, 36 of South Norwood, collected £56,000 by tricking men on dating websites

Neelam, 36, resident of of Beulah Grove, Selhurst, South Norwood who tricked men on dating websites and collected thousands of pounds for luxury goods and holidays was spared jail.

She pretended on online dating scams and showed herself as raising money for homeless children. Two her victims she described herself a pharmacist and who also works for a charity and beside that she sell cheap holidays and Apple products.

From her first victim she took £36,000 in order to sent him electrical goods and luxury holidays in New York and Monte Carlo. Her first victim had suicidal thoughts when he came to knew it was a scam and that he has lost money.

From her second victim who got convenience by Neelam that buy cheap products will actually help her charity work, he paid her £3,400 and purchased 6 iPhones, 2 MacBooks, 4 mini iPads and 3 Samsung phones. But neither he received Items he ordered nor his money back.

3rd Victim who got intimidated by Neelam, he sent her £17,000 for holiday trip, but ended in losing money.

She committed fraud on online websites and presented herself to be what, what she is to actually in real life, just from 3 men and took £56,000.

She was sentenced for 2 years suspend for 2 years, Croydon Crown Court, on on Tuesday, December 20.

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