Naveed Bashir, 29, jailed for setting Parent’s home on Fire in Birmingham

Naveed Bashir, 29, who was expelled by parents from home, tried to set fire outside his parents home has been jailed for 3 years and 8 weeks at Birmingham Crown Court.

Naveed Bashir was kicked out of his family home because of his anti-social behaviour. He piled rubbish on a burning wheelie bin outside their front door while he was drunk, but his sister saw and told her mother, who called police and fire brigade.

Prosecutor at Birmingham Crown Court, said Naveed Bashir had been drinking heavily and had arguments within the family. Because of his behavior family called police who removed Naveed from the address in Durham Road, Sparkhill.

Later Naveed Bashir responded with a threat to burn the house. He returned to the house later that night, on August 24 when all family members including his grandparents and younger siblings, went to sleep, Naveed Bashir tried to set home on fire. But his 17 years old sister who was awoken at around midnight when she heard her brother who appeared to be speaking to someone outside. When she looked outside she saw that a wheelie bin in the small front garden had been set on fire by his brother.

She alerted her mother who called the police and fire brigade. He was jailed for 3 years and 8 weeks at Birmingham Crown Court.