Nausheen Rahman, 28, dumped her newborn baby in the Trash to hide her Sin in New York

Nausheen Rahman, 28, resident of Staten Island, New York, USA disposed off her baby right after giving birth to baby to hide her sin form parents. Even she was not aware that the sex of the baby was a girl because she threw the baby in a trash bag so quickly that she didn’t take the time to look at the child and assumed it was a boy, according to the district attorney.

Nausheen told police that the baby was alive and moving, but after she cut umbilical cord then baby stopped moving.

After dumping her baby, Nausheen Rahman went to Staten Island University Hospital and told the staff that she was bleeding as a result of giving birth, but hospital staff had no record of her birth upon inquiry she explained that the infant was born at home. After hospital staff questioned her for several hours, she told that she gave birth to baby at her home but the baby had died and she had trashed.

Police found the dead body of baby ‘with her thumb next to her mouth’ outside her condominium, where she disposed of it. A medical examiner determined that the baby was alive and did have air in its lungs before it was thrown in the trash.

Original News Source : Daily Mail