Nasar Ahmed, 14, dies of asthma attack while in detention in a East London school

Nasar Ahmed, who was in year nine at Bow School in Tower Hamlets, east London, fell ill last Thursday after telling staff he needed his inhaler.

Nasar was taken to the Royal London Hospital by ambulance and was put on a life support machine, friends of the young Nasar Ahmed claimed that he became upset after being accused of tipping over the bin and pleaded with the teachers to let him off before suffering a severe asthma attack.

His family have called for a full investigation of the case, family members said Nasar had severe asthma, eczema and other allergies the school know about it.

Nasar told staff that he was not feeling well and needed his inhaler and late he collapsed.

The family of Nasar are still speaking with police and say that a teacher and students have been interviewed. Family members said Nasar died in school in that detention. Why was his plea not listened to? We do not want any parents to go through what we have’.

Police Officers from Tower Hamlets are conducting a number of enquiries in relation to the incident and the investigation is ongoing.