Nahella Ashraf, 46, got Spat and Racially Abused during Business Trip to London

A Racist, grabbed Nahella Ashraf, 46, by arm tried to throw her out of a fish and chip shop, telling her she ‘shouldn’t be here’, while she was on a Business Trip from Manchester to London. Racial attack happened on last Friday, when she was approached and attacked by the stranger.

Nahella Ashraf, 46, who works for a government department as a researcher, was on her lunch break and sitting in fish and chip shop, a man came and grabbed her from arm and asked her you should not be here.

It was then Nahella Ashraf’s colleague and staff of shop tried to push the man away from lady, upon asking why he is doing this with the lady, the racist man asked, “People Like her, they Kill”. While staff members were pushing the man away, he spat on Nahella Ashraf’s face.

Police was called later after he left the shop.

The incident shocked the lady, while talking to media she told, it has never happened to her, and she is surprised that it happened to her in Hammersmith, London, which is well know for multi culture.

Nahella Ashraf, who is also member of anti-racist campaign group called “Stand Up To Racism” called them and who organised a vigil on Wednesday, as a protest against the way she had been treated. The woman who was campaigning for racism victim’s in past is now herself racism victim.

No arrests have been made and enquiries continue by police the arrest the suspect who is said to be Arab looks and with non British Accent, in his 30s.