Nadra Office in Dadyal to be closed

Nadra office located in Dadyal is to be closed. People are outraged at this and demand for reopening of it. Naeem Kiyani Advocate President of Dadyal Bar, strongly expressed his opinion to media and journalist on this issue.

Dadyal Bar President Naeem Kiyani Advocate expressed said in his talk with journalists that to close Nadra office be a grave injustice to the people of Dadyal. These people have twice already uprooted their lives name of their country. Once when Mangla dam was being built and countless people had to be relocated. Second when they moved from Disputed Kashmir to Azad Kashmir. These people moved without protest leaving behind generations of their family history. To take away previously given facilities would be a needless obstacle for locals. The government should once again reopen the Nadra office as soon as possible.

He also reminded everyone the strong position this area locals held monetary wise. Dadyal is a city of overseas Pakistanis who yearly send hundreds of thousands of rupees in remittance. They are a major source of income of Government’s treasury. Therefore we should cooperate with them and ensure that they receive facilities they deserve.