Nadeem Aslam, 42, from Solihull, Killed by a Single Punch in Costa del Sol, Spain

Nadeem Aslam, 42, resident of Solihull and Father of 4, who was on trip to Costa del Sol, Spain along with his wife has died after allegedly being killed by a single punch as he tried to break up a fight in the resort of Fuengirola at around 11.30pm on Thursday, December 8.

Nadeem Aslam had been drinking in an ex-pats pub with his wife before walking with friends to get some takeaway food. One of his friends was then involved in a bust-up with two Polish men, Mr. Nadeem Aslam tried to break up the fight, but Polish man knocked him down on the floor by a single Punch on his head.

Powerful punched hit his head on the pavement and he fell down and stopped moving, Paramedics were called, and struggled for 45 minutes to safe his life but he was pronounced dead at the scene.

The 34 years old suspect who punched him, fled the scene but later handed himself in to Spanish police.

Nadeem Aslam, 42, was a businessman of Solihull and just opened a new waffle shop in Birmingham, he was in Spain on trip in last summer for a holidays, and it was his second trip again in which he lost his life.

Nadeem Aslam left behind 4 children, aged between 14 and 22, his children went to Spain to collect the dead body of their father, and are expected to return to their home in Solihull, UK this week.

Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilayhi Raji’un, May Allah Subhan Tallah rest his soul in peace and give family members and friends Sabar to bear this loss.