My Newly Married Wife is more Interested in LIKES she gets on her Instagram than Me

She took a whole bunch of selfies in different rooms of the house and changed her outfit about 10 times and said she had enough photos to post on Instagram for the next 2 weeks.

I thought we had a lot in common but she only seems interested in how many likes she gets on her social media posts.

Its been only 3 months we are got married after out engagement. While were were engaged every thing was working perfectly fine, she was attentive, loving, actively involved with family members making efforts to look beautiful. Willing to continue her job after marriage, but after Nikah things are changed, She hardly calls her in laws, doesn’t wax even and her thoughts are changed about work, she wants take care of kids at home.

From last 3 weeks we have not intimated each other, and arguments on little things have started like Light On or Off and Window is opened or closed.

All this stuff going on make me think it was a biggest mistake marrying her, the marriage is Islamic not registered as Civil which seems to end in breakup sooner or later.

Please Advice.

Original Article Source: Credit: Asian Image