MUST University Professor and his Father Caught in Another Fraud Scandal

A MUST University Professor along with his father commits a fraud of millions on a fake ID card.

The central characters of the largest land scandal of Islamgarh, the Professor of MUST University, Professor Imran Qayyun and his father Naik Abdul Qayyum Aag Jigram are involved in 2 and 3 more frauds as well.

According to details, Professor Imran Qayyum and Naik Abdul Qayyum, received payment of Mangla Dam compensation of 16 lac on behalf of his brother Shaukat Ali on a fake ID Card. Shaukat Ali is residing in London from the last 20-22 years and has not returned to Pakistan. 16 Lac payment was received on a Fake ID card of Shaukat Ali with the photo of Amir Qayyum from the Collector Office, Mangla Dam.

A worker of the Forestry Department, Zulfiqar, who was at that time temporarily based in Collector Office aided the accused in this fraud. Moreover, Abdul Qayyum also received the compensation of Rs 26,000 for his two widowed sisters residing in England against his own thumb print.

DG Anti-corruption Muzafarabad was given an application against this corruption, who initiated action against the accused and proved the fraud and instructed the Mangla Dam Collector to make recovery of all the money taken and submit it back to Mangla Dam Account.

When the Anti-corruption department started hunting the accused, Naik Abdul Qayyum ran out of country to England. It has also been revealed that in this case, a clerk of Government High School, Kaneeli, Clerk Raja Muhammad Khan was accomplice of the accused. An application has already been submitted against him to the Head Master Kaneeli and DEO Mirpur.

All the accused are on run at the moment to escape the grip of Law. The people of the area have demanded that lawful action be taken against all accused and to make an example out of them.