Must University once again becomes a battlefield

A small ordinary argument erupted into a fight between 2 student groups. One got seriously injured and has been admitted into hospital.

In an attempt to show supremacy over the other, the two student groups from Must University, Mirpur Kothli, went a bit too far. The fight between them placed one student in hospital and the rest received minor injuries. A total of 5 students have been reported to have been injured. The disciplinary committee failed to do anything to stop this bout reaching out of proportion. The parents are very much distressed by their children’s actions. Some believe that Co-education is the root behind these fights that are constantly happening at Must University.

Whatever the reasons may be, such behavior cannot be ignored. These actions bring no pride to our society, family and even our own selves. While we understand young blood is often hotheaded, engaging in gangster activities has potential to destroy one’s professional and personal life. Proper counseling and strenuous activities should definitely help release pent up energy in hotheaded youngsters. It is important for them to understand that communicating with fists makes no one superior.