MUST University Ground Turned into a Battlefield

MUST University turned into a war zone, as dozens of students were injured in a brawl.

The students of MUST university got into a disagreement, and a simple argument soon heated up and turned into a huge fight.

They grabbed sticks, bricks, and rocks to attack each other. Three are suffering from head injuries while others are suffering from critical injuries.

Police got there as soon as they heard, and sent the injured to DHQ.

City police has started an investigation, and intend to get to the bottom of this fight.

They have noticed that such fights have increased in the past, and intend to find out why.

According to sources, Usman Chaudary, Fakhar Guftar, Anwar ul Haq, Ahmed Riaz ect, said they are from Bhimber district, and the students from Giglat Bagh, Pooch, Mirpur, and Punjab attacked them.

There was a huge number of students seen outside DHQ, as more than a dozen who were injured were referred to DHQ.

Police are still investigating the matter.