Muslims collected 10 Tonnes of food for homeless Non Muslims at Christmas in London

Muslims in London have donated 10 tonnes including rice, pasta, cereals and other tinned goods of food to feed the homeless people living on streets across London at Christmas eve. On Friday prayer about 7,500 members of strong Muslim congregation donating food after Friday prayer at the mosque in Whitechapel.

Dilowar Khan, Executive Director of the East London Mosque, Askor Ali, Head Teacher of the London East Academy school, Jehangir Malik, CEO of Muslim Aid, Reverend Bernadette Hegarty of St Pauls, Bow Common Church, and may other volunteers collected all the Food for the poor people to be served on the eve of Christmas.

Dilowar Khan Said:

It was heart-warming to see so many people bringing food to the Mosque to help the humanity. We need to build on this and make sure that we support those less fortunate all year round.

Giving is an important part of both the Christian and Islam faith and it is important for us to be working together to do what we can to support our brothers and sisters

Jehangir Malik, Chief Executive of Muslim Aid said:

We, as a Muslim charity, want to do everything we can to help the most vulnerable people in this country this Christmas, regardless of faith or background.

The food will be given to homeless charity Crisis, with more than 90 percent going to non-Muslims, at this Christmas, regardless of faith or background.

In the cold winter months when we have the luxury of a home and hot food, it’s easy to forget about others that are in dire need around us. So it is in that spirit we take part in this big food drive.

News Source: Telegrahph |