Muslim Woman Allegedly egged outside Walmart in San Leandro California USA

Pakistani American Mother got egged for wearing Hijab

Pakistani American Mother got egged for wearing Hijab

A Muslim woman was allegedly egged outside the Walmart on Hesperian Boulevard because she wore a hijab as she was exiting a Walmart in San Leandro northern California (CA), USA.

A group of young men, who had spotted her while she was shopping and stalked the mother and daughter as they exited, smashed eggs onto the woman’s head and body, presumably because she was wearing hijab.

Her Son Farad Afshar, a student at Chabot Community College in Hayward, posted to Instagram that his mother was targeted by a group of men while leaving the store with his younger sister.

My mom is the most kindhearted, loving, and selfless person you’ll ever meet. She has a great amount of pride and respect for her religion, culture, and customs. The fact that she can’t walk out of her home without feeling safe is sickening.

I am at loss for words due to the immense amount of hate that is in this world. No one should have to see their mom broken because of a couple of people having disgusting prejudices about people that do not look like them.

Regardless of race, religion, culture, etc. It is NEVER OK to attack someone based on what they’re wearing, or not.

A woman doesn’t deserve to be attacked if she wears skimpy clothing, nor does she deserve to be attacked because she chooses to cover her hair for faith and modesty. This is disgusting, and I’m furious about it.

Original News Source: FB/Muslims of America