Muslim Model School attacked after Teacher Lashed out on a 1st Grader

A group of men attacked the local Muslim Model School, they broke their things and attacked the male and female staff.

SHO police station Afzalpur filed a complaint on the word of Muslim Model School’s principal. They police are now raiding the area to catch the culprits.

According to details, Khari Shareef’s local school Muslim Model School’s teacher Fakhira Hussain Alam brutally beat a 1st grader during assembly.

The young student was injured and needed three stitches in her hand. And when another teacher tried to stop her, Teacher Fakhira Hussain Alam and her sister Abida Sultana attacked the other teacher.

That is when the principal of Muslim Model School tried to break off the fight. That is when The sisters called their home and asked them to come.

Ifthekhar, Jawad, Muneeb, Aneece, along with others came to the school. They broke their things and threw out all the papers, attacked the male and female staff of the school, and took all the money that was there in the school’s safe.

Principal Majid, who is also the owner of this school went to Afzalpur police station to file a report against the concerned.

The local are protesting against the matter, and demand that the police catches them as soon as possible.