Muslim family converted to Christianity in UK

London: A Muslim family, from Bradford, converted their religion to Christianity after going to UK. Muslims are criticizing them and they are getting homeless for the second time.
According to Western Media, ‘Daily Mail’ Nisar Hussain, his wife Kubra and their 6 kids converted to Christianity, on which the resident Muslims are severely criticizing them. The family is facing a lot of trouble. Nisar Hussain asked for Anglican Church’s help but they didn’t do anything for them. He criticized the church that they are not being provided with protection from them.
The family is thinking of leaving Bradford and finding a new English majority place so they could avoid facing criticism from Muslims. In 2005, they have already faced this difficulty and had complained against this and had gotten out of it. But they took part in a documentary in 2008 on Channel 4, and all the criticisms against them started again.