Murder Trial of Najma Pirzada, allegedly Killed by her Driver in Mirpur

Najma Pirzada wife of Dr. Pirzada GM Din (late) a well known and prominent physician in the town, who was allegedly murdered by her trusted family driver, Tanvir Bhatti, in March 2013, for cash and jewelry.

Najma Ghani daughter of Mohd. Amin Ghani who hail from Srinagar came to Mirpur, in 1964, after marrying Capt. Dr Pirzada. Dr. Pirzada was Mirpur’s first qualified and trained MBBS doctor. While his wife, Najma Pirzada, created a “Womam’s Club” in Mirpur, to educate the poor women and children. She was among the first females to drive a car around the town.

Murder Trial of Najma Pirzada who was allegedly Murdered by her Driver in Mirpur

Murder Trial of Najma Pirzada who was allegedly Murdered by her Driver in Mirpur

Family sources reveal that Tanvir Bhatti was a day servant, but he volunteered to stay for nights persuading Mrs. Pirzada to let other servant take a leave.

Prosecutor Awais Bhatti and prominent lawyer, Khalid Rasheed went over the record of evidences and reminded the court that accused Tanveer was the only one with Mrs. Pirzada at the time of her death.

Tanvir’s lawyer kept arguing that Mrs.Pirzada was terribly sick and died of her illness and that is why she was unable to talk to anyone even on phone or meet her home visitor

Driver Tanveer was captured on bank’s CCTV footage cashing a cheque of Rs. five lakhs, with fake signature of Mrs Prizada, later police recovered jewelry and cash from his house during inquiry.

Tanvir told in court that Mrs. Pirzada went along with him to the bank for cashing the cheque. But all evidences, including CCTV, confirm that he was alone in bank.

Tanvir Bhatti, had confessed to police, that he had sedated Mrs. Pirzada by adding drug Xanax in her food and started injecting her with Insulin to let her die in natural way. But she was semi-conscious and still alive and fearing being caught driver took a pillow and strangulated her to death by pressing hard against her mouth and nose.

Trial Continues….

Credit: Junaid Ansari