Multiple unauthorized drug stores in Khari Sharif are playing with public lives

Khari Sharif ( 9th September2014) Many illegal drug stores have opened in Khari Sharif, where the storekeepers are playing the role of doctors and are busy playing with the lives of innocent and poor citizens.

Many medical stores are involved in selling expired medicines, whereas the drug inspectors of Mirpur are playing silent spectators. The Public and social sectors of Khari Sharif are protesting and demanding from the Chief Secretary Azad Kashmir to take immediate notice of the situation.

According to details, multiple illegal drug stores and pharmacies have been opened in Khari Sharif, in which the store keepers are playing as doctors and many stores created a fake hospital environment where patients are treated by giving high potency medicines which instead of treating the patient makes them further sick and finally when the patient goes to a certified doctor he comes to know that he was given wrong medicine. At many time the patient is beyond help and dies.

The public and social sectors of Khari Sharif are demanding that these fake hospitals should be immediately closed so that those playing with human lives can be stopped.