Muhammad Toheed, 16, died in BMW accident which he secretly buy

A 16-year-old schoolboy Muhammad Toheed resident of Burnley who became obsessed with sports cars, he buy a BMW secretly, without letting his family know about it. He was 11th grade student and managed to purchased the car with the money he earned while working at a car wash.

On April 7, 2016 Toheed took the car out for a drive through his hometown and was speeding at 70mph speed in a 30mph zone. He could not control his car while overtaking a car and faced another car coming from opposite side, and hit into a tree.

His car was crashed and rescue team struggles for about 1 and half hour to set him free from car. He was taken to Royal Blackburn Hospital but he was pronounced dead by doctors. He suffered injuries including a broken neck, internal bruising and got his wrists fractured.

Sister of Muhammad Toheed named Syeedy Nefasa, told that in last year summer he started working in a car wash and it was then he become obsessed with sports cars.

According to his family, they even did not know he owned a BMW or he can drive a car.

RIP. At the age of 16 he should not have been driving car.