Mother of Four Burnt alive by In Laws in Bhimber in Revenge

Bhimber: A mother of four children burnt alive and murdered by her in laws in Ruperi village of Bhimber. Murdered woman, Ghazala Bibi’s sister in law was married to her brother in Dhandar village. They got divorced due to which Ghazala’s husband, mother in law and other family members had been torturing her ever since in Revenge. They killed her and the dead body was transferred to the hospital.

According to information, a woman of 4 children named Ghazala Bibi, was burnt alive by her in laws in the nearby village of Bhimber, named Ruperi. Ghazala had been tortured by her husband, mother in law and divorced sister in law, openly in front of villagers for a long time. Villagers had tried to talk to her husband and mother in law to stop torturing her but they did not stop in any way.

According to sources, neighboring villagers had been hearing Ghazala’s shouts last night as well. Next day, some of the neighbors went to her house to see her but found her burnt dead body on the bed. Her husband and sister in law had already left for work but mother in law was there in the house. They tried to convince the villagers that it was a suicide but failed to prove it.

DSP and SHO along with Police arrived there after being informed about the incident. They took the body in possession and transferred it to District Headquarter Hospital. According to Police sources, Ghazala’s parents, from Dhinder, have requested to file a case against her in laws. Police is going to closely investigate the case. Bhimber residents have requested the human rights especially women rights organizations to take notice against Ghazala’s cold blooded murder.