Mother, Father and Son jailed for 58 years who killed Tanveer in Birmingham

Update: 20 September, 2018, Zatoon Bibi, now 39, of Bridgebourne Road, Bartley Green who is serving life sentence, 27 years in jail after she was involved killing her lover, she is back courts after a mobile phone was caught inside her cell in a South Derbyshire prison.

She appeared at Southern Derbyshire Magistrates’ Court where she was found guilty after admitting possession of a black Alcatel Pixi phone inside a prison.

She has been jailed for eight weeks to run concurrently alongside her current 27 years for murder along with fine of £115 victim surcharge.

29 Oct 2016 Zatoon Bibi, 37, killed her lover 33-year-old Tanveer Iqbal owner of music shop at Smethwick after being dumped by him, She strangled Tanveer Iqbal to death with help of her Ex-husband Gulnawaz and her 16 years old son Kashim Nawaz. They packed his dead body in a old box and put that box in boot a his car in Edgbaston on February 1, this year.

Gul Nawaz, 44, of Roway Lane, Oldbury , Zatoon Bibi, 37, of Bridgeburn Road, Bartley Green and their 16-year-old son Kashim Nawaz, were jailed for 58 years in total.

Zatoon Bibi jailed for 27 years, Gul Nawaz Jailed for 25 years and Kashim Nawaz is jailed for 6 years.

Tanveer Iqbal was married to Naseen Bibi and had also got children while Zatoon Bibi was married to Gul Nawaz. But still both Tanveer Iqbal and Zaitoon Bibi developed a relationship 6 years ago.

When Gul Nawaz discovered his wife’s affair he talked to Zatoon Bibi about it, but she demanded a divorce and was granted an Islamic talaq. After getting Islamic divorce, Tanveer Iqbal and Zatoon Bibi got married in an Islamic ceremony at Hounslow Mosque, even though Tanveer was already married to Nasreen Bibi at the time.

Tanveer Iqbal’s Islamic Marriage with Zatoon Bibi was known by their family members and friends. Tanveer Iqbal spent most of his time with his wife Nasreen Bibi and their children at their family home, but also part of the time with Zatoon Bibi and the children they had together.

Zatoon Bibi a westernised girl, befriend with Tanveer’s wife Nasreen, a quiet traditional and family-orientated woman. Zatoon Bibi did friendship with Nasreen because her ultimate aim was to steal him from her. She showed sympathies to her, as she wanted to gain her trust and then abused that trust to try and break up the relationship of Nasreen with Tanveer Iqbal.

The main goal Zatoon Bibi was for Tanveer Iqbal to leave Nasreen Bibi and set up home with her alone. But Tanveer Iqbal was never going to leave his wife and had ended their relationship with Zatoon Bibi.

He told Zatoon Bibi that their relationship is over and he wont see her again and want to continue his life with Nasreen Bibi and with their children.

After being dumped by Tanveer Iqbal, Zatoon Bibi formulated a plan to kill him and take revenge. She persuaded her ex husband Gul Nawaz to help her. He agreed to do so because he didn’t want the truth about his family life to emerge.

They planned and carried out the murder together. They purchased items to be used in murder on the day including rope and gloves to assist in the murder.

She invited him over on the premise to celebrate his birthday as he was turning 33 on January 31, this year. Tanveer Iqbal closed his shop, Hi Tech Music on Shireland Road, Smethwick, as normal and went to house of Zatoon Bibi.

But when Tanveer got to the house that night 37-year-old Bibi and her husband Nawaz, 44, strangled him with rope. They tied his neck with rope and held it tight until he died.

They then wrapped his body in an old TV box, sealed it with duct tape and rope and then placed him into the boot of his own Renault Clio.

Police launched a high-risk missing person inquiry the next morning after Tanveer’s friends and family raised the alarm when they struggled to get hold of him.

Zatoon Bibi, Gul Nawaz and their son Kashim Nawaz were sentenced at Birmingham Crown Court for 27 years, 25 years and 6 years respectively totaling 58 years in jail.