Mosques Dazzled with Believers on First Ramadan

The first day of the month of Ramadan in Mirpur was devoted to mosques; Muslims were in mosques in large numbers, rounds of recitation of Darud and Allah Hu, and religious scholars gave sermon regarding the importance of the first phase of Islam.

Sources reveal that the amount of believers witnessed in mosques was worth a sight. Even children offered Friday prayer in mosques. People went to different mosques to offer Friday prayers; Masjid Sulataniya C-1, Jamiya Masjid Staff Colony, and other mosques were filled with believers who offered prayers with respect. The environment was lightened with the recitation of Darud and Allah Hu. Scholar, Shameem Nomani, gave sermon on the importance of the first phase of Islam, how Satan is caged during the month, and the number of blessings bestowed upon the believers in this month.

At the end of congregational prayer, prayers were made for Kashmir’s freedom and for the welfare of Islam.