Mohammed Yousaf, 44, jailed for 6 years for selling heroin in Keighley, Bradford

Mohammed Yousaf, 44, was caught selling heroin and crack cocaine on the streets 11 times in a month while on licence after serving a six year jail sentence for trafficking Class A drugs.

He pleaded guilty to 14 charges of selling wraps of heroin and crack cocaine to an undercover police officer on 11 separate occasions between June and July last year.

Muhammad Yousaf plied his trade in Postman’s Walk off West Lane, and on Mount Street, Oakworth Road and Skipton Road, while his customers were called outside a car wash, a petrol station, a health centre and the “old cop shop.” He got his drugs out of an abandoned chest of drawers in the street.

It was believed he was “sacked” by his bosses after refusing to give the undercover officer change on the final date he was caught selling drugs.

Yousaf was imprisoned for six years in 2013 for possession of Class A drugs with intent to supply. The court heard he was recalled on licence until 2019 after dealing again within three months of his release.

Yousaf was vulnerable in prison and had requested transfer to a special unit to avoid other inmates from the Keighley area.

He did not attend Friday prayers in jail because he feared coming into contact with the people who put pressure on him.

Original News Source: T&A